Frequently Asked Questions

What sessions should my child attend?

One of the best features of DairyPalooza is that your child can attend any session that interests them. There is no pre-registration necessary for the sessions themselves (only for the event) so youth can change their minds as many times as they want - until the session begins, that is!


We have a wide variety of activities and learning opportunities throughout the day, ranging from dairy judging and showmanship to nutrition to reproduction, and most everything in between.


Additionally, you will find experience level recommendations next to each session description. Remember, these are only suggestions, but some activities are geared more toward more experienced youth while some are made for less experienced participants. Use your best judgment while choosing which sessions to attend.


Do I need to stay with my child/youth participant?

Only if you want to! There are plenty of adult volunteers staffing the event to watch over your charges during the activities, though we recommend that younger participants stay with a parent or guardian to help them "focus" on the tasks at hand. There are also sessions available for adults to attend to pass the time while youth are attending Quality Assurance.


Can I pay online, by mail, or on-site?

At this time, we only offer two methods of payment: By mail or on-site, on the day of the event. Keep in mind that pre-registration is $6 per person and on-site registration is $10, so it will save you money to pre-register. This year, we are asking that all pre-registrations pay at the time of registration, when the form is sent in by mail. All walk-in and late registrations will be $10.


Another note on late- and walk-in registrations: Because we use pre-registration numbers to plan for adequate supplies, handouts, and food, no materials are guaranteed to late or walk-in registrations.


What is included in my registration?

If we typed it all out, the list would be a mile long! …Okay, maybe not a mile, but a few inches, anyhow. Thanks to our generous sponsors, last years' DairyPalooza participants received screenprinted t-shirts, cookies, pizza, ice cream, weigh tapes, handouts packed with information, and door prizes, including a custom show box!